GSS Hinemoa

Diary of William Edward Sanders


"Cruises of the New Zealand Government Steamer Hinemoa 1906"

William Sanders kept a diary for a full year while in the New Zealand Government Service Steamer Hinemoa. The duties of the Hinemoa included servicing lighthouses around New Zealand's coastline. Also, to up-keep the Castaway Depots in the Southern Islands. The Depots (tin sheds) were stocked with provisions, stove for cooking etc. They provided shelter and food supplies for castaways from any ships wrecked on the Islands.

William Sanders went on to sailing ships in the JJ Craig Company - Marjorie Craig,Louisa Craig and also, the Joseph Craig when wrecked inside the Hokianga Bar in 1914. Then he returned to steam on the outbreak of war. He served on Troop ships including the Moeraki,Willochra, Tofua and lastly the Hebburn Jan. Sanders was killed while in command of the HMS "First Prize", a topsail schooner serving as one of the famous "Q" Ships. In the early hours of 14 August 1917, Sanders and his crew were sent to their watery graves by a torpedo from German U-boat, U48. Please feel free to visit the "Q" Ships web site

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William Sanders had a number of photographs from his time on board the Hinemoa. Only a few exist now and they will be coupled with the relevant diary pages in time. For the time being, the photographs can be viewed by clicking on this link.

A photograph of the Hinemoa taken in 1902 at the Kaipara Heads also please view other Maritime links.

The diary ( shown left) was a prized keepsake of William Sanders sister, Emily Keith.

These pages are assembled in memory of Emily who passed away in 1973.

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